When Life Gives You Eggs

I almost never buy eggs (hubby and I dislike them). However, I picked up a half dozen last week to make brownies for hubby’s birthday. The recipe calls for one egg so I knew I had to find some creative ways to use the other five. That’s when I came across a deep conditioner recipe on Sunkissalba’s YouTube channel ( The recipe calls for just two ingredients (an egg and 1-2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil).

Coconut Oil and Egg

I know, I know- that sounds really gross. But we have to remember that eggs are a great source of protein and our hair is made of protein. Lately my hair has been super dry and brittle. So I figured what do I have to lose? Organic coconut oil is loaded with health (and hair) benefits. Listed below are some of its many benefits:

1. It conditions, adds shine and smoothness.

2. Because of its chemical structure, it penetrates the hair shaft (vs. coating it).

3. It’s an inexpensive (and natural) hair sealant.

I let let the concoction sit in my hair for an hour (with a processing cap). I then cleansed with a clarifying shampoo and followed up with a moisturizing conditioner. At the end, my hair felt moisturized and strong at the same time. My curls were also well defined. I am definitely adding this to my hair regime.



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