DIY Face Scrub

I have been on a hunt for a good face scrub for a little while now. I have used the Lush Ocean Scrub in the past and it worked well however I wanted to see if there is an alternative that works better. After a few months of searching, I decided to try my hand creating one with some items I had laying around the house. To my surprise, I found myself liking my diy version much better than anything I have used in the past. It is all natural, easy, customizable and inexpensive. I used just 3 items- turbinado, lemon and honey. I chose lemon because of its skin brightening properties. And honey is an excellent humectant.

I didn’t use any precise measurements. I simply mixed the items until I got the desired consistency. Be sure to refrigerate any leftovers (if you decide to make this on your own). Now, if I could only find a diy for a face wash. 🤔


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