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Festival Season

Hi Everyone!

Festival season is here! Coachella is the place to be for us west coasters (similar to Woodstock in the east). I’ve become a little bit of a hippie since moving to California. Therefore this sort of stuff is right up my alley.  Although I am unable to attend Coachella this year, I wanted to create a few outfits to serve as inspiration for those of you that will be attending. Let me know which one is your favorite. Peace and love. 🙂

The outfit below is ideal for art festivals, shopping, or hanging out with friends. It is very representative of the iconic flower child. Wouldn’t you agree?

Coachella Bella

This outfit is perfect for attending a music show. It is comfortable and practical. This dreamcatcher has all of her festival gear in tow. She can even sit on her cardigan if she needs to. Groovy!



This final outfit is perfect for brunch, laying out by the pool or just relaxing. The embroidered romper is great for the warm spring/summer days. The sunglasses are a nod to the 70’s festival culture. And the gladiator sandals, well they are just chic.

Boho Chic


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