Love of My Life: Old School

Hi Everyone-

I am back again with more of my current favorites. This time I am featuring some of my favorite music. After putting together this list, I noticed all of the songs have an old school feel to them. What can I say? I am an old soul.

  1. Christine and The Queens- Christine. Although this is a french song, I love how catchy it is. It has a real Michael Jackson vibe. My french is a bit rusty but from what I can make out, the lyrics do not make any sense. However I think that is part of the song’s charm.
  2. Guordan Banks- Can I Keep You in Mind. Anyone that knows me knows that I love old school R&B. And this song has a great throw back vibe to it. I can not wait to hear more from Guordan.
  3. Ro James- Permission. Speaking of old school music, this song has a real funk R&B vibe to it. It is very reminiscent of the late great Prince.
  4. Janet Jackson- Dammn Baby. Mrs. Jackson is back with another album. I love this song. It is classic Janet (uptempo, positive message and fun).
  5. Fantasia- No Time For It. Fantasia also has a new album and I am here for it. Although I like a few of her new songs, this one makes the list because of the message. She has no time for the negativity!
  6. Maxwell- Lake By The Ocean. Maxwell is finally back (after a 7 year hiatus). Although his latest single is reminiscent of his last album, it is still a banger. It is a great song to listen to while driving.
  7. Alicia Keys- In Common. I love this song! It has a caribbean vibe to it. It is perfect for the summer.

P.S. If you are curious about why I call this series Love of my Life visit: .


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