Motivational Monday: Back to Work

Hi Everyone! We are nearing the end of August.  And you know what that means- time for back to school. It’s been a while since I’ve been in school therefore I don’t know if I can offer any helpful back to school tips. Instead, I decided to take some time to speak to the ladies that are going into the workforce. It’s not the same however I feel like I can relate to her more. I worked in Corporate America for over 10 years and have learned quite a bit during that time. Here are some of my tips:

  1. Work Hard, Play Hard. One of the things that I struggled with is proper work/play balance. There were many weeks I thought I would just drop from sheer exhaustion. I worked early mornings and late nights just to work through the weekend. I felt like a zombie. I realized that my stress level was affecting my relationships. I never completely mastered the skill however I did learn to take breaks to help clear my mind.
  2. Ask Questions and Offer Solutions. This is something that I learned from one of my supervisors. She let me know that it is ok to ask questions and voice concerns however it is also good to offer up solutions. I found that my supervisor was happier to hear from me when she knew I wasn’t there just to complain and ask questions.
  3. Get Organized. This is a very important skill to have. I find that when I am organized, I am more efficient. Try to get into the habit of organizing everything from your work, work space, mind, etc. If possible, try to set aside some time each week to get organized. It will save you from being a frazzled mess.

To the girl that is not working in her desired field but has accepted a position in order to pay her bills- I know how difficult it can be. My best advice to you is to make the best of your time at your position. Learn as many skills as you can (they may come in handy when you are ready to make your transition). Lastly, stay focused. Try to connect with professionals in your desired field. Who says you can’t have a side hustle while working your 9-5?!

Motivational Monday: Back to Work | Moments With Millie



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