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Four Fs of Fashion

Fall is almost here (Yay!). And like many of you,I like to purchase a few pieces to help usher the new season. However, before updating my wardrobe with my new fab finds, I try to make a point to clear my closet of the items that I no longer need. It helps to ensure I am not hoarding clothes and makes me feel better about purchasing new items.

Whether I am purging old clothes or adding new ones, I try to be selective about the items that live in my closet. Each piece has to pass a screening process in order to stay. I know that seems a little dramatic but it is really simple. I just evaluate the following:

Fit – Fit is probably the most thing that I consider when I evaluate a piece of clothing. I truly believe that the key to always looking put together is wearing clothes that fit you well. It does not matter how trendy the garment is; if it does not fit well then I don’t keep it.

Function- Evaluating how the garment functions in your wardrobe is key in keeping out the clutter. Ask yourself how the item functions in your closet. Do you really need multiple ball gowns? Will you ever wear those shoes? How does that shirt fit into your current personal style?

Flexibility- If I can’t think of three ways of styling an article of clothing then I don’t keep it. That is the general rule of thumb that I go by. There are some exceptions to the rule however I find that this helps me to get the most out of my wardrobe. It also helps to cut down on the clutter.

Fabulous- Lastly, I try to only buy/keep items that I love. I can’t tell you how much money I have wasted on items that ended up collecting dust in my closet. And when I did wear some of them, I did not have the excitement everyone should have about their clothing. Lesson learned- never buy an item just because it was on sale or trending.

Style Files

My Closet Organization Tips

My Closet Organization Tips | Moments With Millie

My Closet Organization Tips | Moments With Millie

You may not know this about me but I am a little bit of a neat freak. And the Virgo in me just love to organize. Since sharing is caring, I thought I would share my closet organization tips. What are some of your tips for an organized closet?

  1. Color coordination. I do not know how I functioned before I color coordinated my closet. Since making the change I always know where to find each article of clothing. I also organized my garments by length. For example, my white tops are arranged by short to long sleeves.
  2. Slim hangers. I love slim hangers! I know that replacing hangers can be expensive but I think this is totally worth the investment. The Joy Mangano hangers are a bit pricey however  you can find more affordable alternatives at Costco or Marshalls. Here are some of the benefits of using these hangers:
    • Space savers- They doubled my closet space.
    • Slip Resistant- The velvet material prevents your clothing from slipping.
    • Visually appealing- I think these hangers give my closet a boutique feel. I love that they are available in many colors.
  3. Creative storage solutions. I am not a fan of many of the traditional closet organization tools. I find items such as over the door shoe racks and scarf/belt hangers to be bulky and visually unappealing. Instead, I try to use creative storage solutions. For example, I found a beautiful black lacquer box at Ross. I wasn’t sure how I would use the box but I knew I had to have it. The box turned out to be perfect for my sunglasses.
  4. Utilize vertical space. I had a hard time finding solutions for my scarves, hats, and belts. One day I walked into Big Lots and found lined baskets for $4 each. It was a major score! I now use the baskets to store my accessories. The baskets are placed on one of the shelves in my closet.
  5. Hide the clutter. I hate clutter. However I love handbags of all shapes and sizes. In keeping with utilizing the vertical space in my closet I store my small bags, clutches, and wallets in fabric storage cubes. My larger bags are on display on my closet shelf. This helps me to appreciate some of my bags without having to see all of them.
  6.  One in, one out. I follow the one in, one out rule. Although I have a pretty decent sized closet, I know that space is finite. This rule prevents me from hoarding clothing. It is a hard rule to follow however it really works.