Motivational Monday: Starting Over

Starting over can be a difficult process. Whether it is planned or unexpected, transitioning can be filled with  fear and anxiety. As humans we tend to develop routines that lead to a level of comfort. This is understandable because there is a bit of contentment in the familiar and in knowing what to expect. However life happens and we sometimes find ourselves in situations in which our routines are interrupted. And these interruptions can lead to fear.

If we can learn to embrace change as it comes then we would learn that starting over is not that scary. What’s more are the lessons we learn about life, ourselves, and others during these times. Lessons such as trusting your instincts, resourcefulness, kindness, humility, and the strength of human spirit can all be learned during the transitionary periods of life.

There will undoubtedly be moments of anxiety however we have to remember that they are just moments. At the end of the day, things always work out for the best.

If you are starting over, try to embrace this chapter of your life. Who knows, it may be the best one. Remember to pray and remain positive. You can do this!

Strength shows, not only in the ability to persist, but the ability to start over. -F. Scott Fitzgerald