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Four Fs of Fashion

Fall is almost here (Yay!). And like many of you,I like to purchase a few pieces to help usher the new season. However, before updating my wardrobe with my new fab finds, I try to make a point to clear my closet of the items that I no longer need. It helps to ensure I am not hoarding clothes and makes me feel better about purchasing new items.

Whether I am purging old clothes or adding new ones, I try to be selective about the items that live in my closet. Each piece has to pass a screening process in order to stay. I know that seems a little dramatic but it is really simple. I just evaluate the following:

Fit – Fit is probably the most thing that I consider when I evaluate a piece of clothing. I truly believe that the key to always looking put together is wearing clothes that fit you well. It does not matter how trendy the garment is; if it does not fit well then I don’t keep it.

Function- Evaluating how the garment functions in your wardrobe is key in keeping out the clutter. Ask yourself how the item functions in your closet. Do you really need multiple ball gowns? Will you ever wear those shoes? How does that shirt fit into your current personal style?

Flexibility- If I can’t think of three ways of styling an article of clothing then I don’t keep it. That is the general rule of thumb that I go by. There are some exceptions to the rule however I find that this helps me to get the most out of my wardrobe. It also helps to cut down on the clutter.

Fabulous- Lastly, I try to only buy/keep items that I love. I can’t tell you how much money I have wasted on items that ended up collecting dust in my closet. And when I did wear some of them, I did not have the excitement everyone should have about their clothing. Lesson learned- never buy an item just because it was on sale or trending.