Love of My Life: New Tunes

Love of My Life: New Tunes | Moments With Millie

I’m back with some of my current favorites. This time I am sharing the songs that I have on repeat. After creating this list, I realized that it is mostly comprised of new artists. As much as I love the classics, I really do love discovering new music. For me, it’s like finding a new treasure. I get so excited and obsess about it until I discover something new. What are your current favorite tunes?

  1. Jasper Sawyer- Ayo, I’m Working Hard. I love this song! It is a very uplifting and motivational song. The funny this is I discovered it while watching a hair tutorial on YouTube. I instantly fell in love with the song and have been listening to it just about everyday since.
  2. Jessie Ware- Champagne Kisses. It seems like there has been an explosion of British soul/R&B singers lately. I don’t mind it because it means more variety for me. It was hard for me to pick just one Jessie Ware song but I chose to go with this one because it is very catchy.
  3. Chance the Rapper- All Night. I am not understanding why some people are just finding out about Chance! I guess to everything there is a season. I am glad he is getting his due shine. I love many of his songs but every time I hear “All Night”, I just want to dance.
  4. Yuna- Best Love. I love Yuna! She has such a nice tone to her voice. I also love that she is consistent with her sound. I loved her song with Usher (Crush) but I have fallen in love with Best Love. It has an updated classic R&B feel to it.
  5. Usher- Crash. Speaking of Usher- I really like many of his dance songs but have been waiting to hear a ballad from him. Many know Usher as a great dancer however it was his vocals that I love most. I like how well written the song is (and how well he sings it).
  6. J. Cole- Deja Vu. J. Cole is back. Woot, woot! I am a big J. Cole fan. I think he is very talented and actually respects his craft. I can go on and on about Cole but I won’t bore you. I like many of the songs on his new album but can’t stop listening to this one. I like that he sampled “My Boo” but did not let the song be the star of the show (unlike some other songs with the same sample). He added to the song with his skills and flow.
  7. Jidenna- Long Live The Chief. I love Jidenna (but who doesn’t). I like that he is a skilled rapper however he doesn’t conform to the hip hop cultural norms (baggy pants, gold chains, etc). Not that there is anything wrong with the norms. It’s just great to see individuals that are true to themselves. It’s especially great for the consumers because they get to enjoy a variety of music.  And as such, I couldn’t choose between three of his songs (Long live the chief, Chief don’t run, or A little more). I chose to go with Long Live the Chief because of his clever use of words and all of it’s bravado-ness. 🙂


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Love of My Life

Erykah Badu’s Ode to Hip-Hop is one of my most favorite songs of all time. I remember the first time I heard the song. I felt like she somehow took the words right out of my head. I’ve always loved music. And as I look back, some of my earliest memories surround it. I guess you can say music is the love of my life. ( I just had to say it 😜).

I am always listening to music (R&B, hip-hop, jazz, etc). And as much as I love the old stuff, I am constantly on a hunt for new music. Here are some of my new favorites:

1. Mali’s Music- Mali is such a talented artist! I could go on and on about him. I love his entire album! If I had to choose favorites I would say Beautiful, Ready Aim, Walking Shoes and Little Lady.

2. Ingrid Michaelson- Girls Chase Boys. I love the 80s vibe of this song. I also love the fact that it is a light hearted song about being broken hearted. Lastly, I love it’s subtle (but not so subtle) approach to gender roles (as demonstrated in the lyrics and video).

3. Sam Smith- How will I Know. Sam’s slowed down version of this popular Whitney Houston song is the best remake I’ve heard in a really long time. I just love how you can hear the vulnerability in his voice.

4. Jessie J- Thunder. I think Jessie is an amazing writer and vocalist. And I think this song is not only well written but you guess it- well sung. I also really love the video!