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Destination Comfort| Moments with Millie

Have you ever returned from a vacation just to feel like you need a vacation? That was me last month. I traveled during most of the month (hence the absence from posting). And even though it was a whirlwind of a trip I enjoyed my time away. I think part of this trip’s success is that I have finally found my traveling groove.

I like to be as comfortable as possible when traveling. However that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to look somewhat put together.  Jeans, a tee shirt and comfortable shoes is a fool proof outfit that can be dressed up or down with very little effort.  I like to wear tennis shoes to the airport to save space in my suitcase. If necessary, I can change into heels when I get to my destination.

Below are some of my favorite traveling tips. Let me know if you have any tips that I can add to the list.

  1. Pre-pack. Some may not see the benefit in this but packing in advance is a lifesaver. I find that having pre-packed toiletry, hair and makeup bags alleviates stress, and ensures that I do not forget anything. Obviously there are some things that you cannot pack in advance. However those that can are ready to go.
  2. Sample/travel size products are your friends. I always save the free samples I receive from Sephora. Due to their size, sample items such as perfume, makeup, skin care, etc. are great space savers. When ordering online, I often request items that I know work well for me so I can stow them away in my suitcase.
  3. Roll your clothes. I am sure everyone uses this tip however I had to mention it because it really works!
  4. Suitcase staples. I always pack this laundry bag in my suitcase. I love that it keeps my dirty clothing from mixing with clean ones. I also love how compact it is when not in use. I like to keep a dryer sheet in the bag to help keep away foul smells. Like many I also pack my shoes in a separate bag. However instead of purchasing a bag for this, I use a reusable drawstring bag (similar to the reusable grocery ones). They are inexpensive (sometimes free) and practical.
  5. Simple Luxuries. Traveling can be stressful. And stress can wreak havoc on your skin. To help alleviate stress and combat environmental changes, I bring along an inexpensive face mask. I find  sheet masks to be perfect however traditional masks can work to. If masks aren’t your style, consider carrying a linen spray, mini candle or book to help take the edge off from traveling.
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The Essentials

Hi Everyone!

I hope 2016 is treating you well. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. It has been a little of a struggle to remain inspired however I have learned that inspiration doesn’t always have to come from something new. It sometimes comes from the things that make you happy. With that said, listed below are a few items that I can’t live without. What are your current must haves?




  1. Mossimo Avie Booties
  2. Journal
  3. Olivia Blake London Candle (wild mint and white tea)-T.J. Maxx
  4. Black and white pouch. I received this from in a Sephora promotion. I fill mine with lip balm, headphones, hand sanitizer, moisturizer, etc.
  5. Cat Eye Sunnies
  6. Sephora Mirror- Gifted
  7. Cross body Bag– Similar
  8. Nightmoth Lipliner
  9. Ruby Woo Lipstick
  10. Pencil Sharpener

Current Favorites

Greetings Loves!

I am a recovering product junkie so I try to keep my purchases at a minimum. However, I found a few gems in the past few months that I thought I would share you all. What are your current favorite items?

  1. Ole Henricksen’s Truth Serum- The name says it all. This serum is the truth. I love how bright it makes my skin. It is quite pricey but it is worth the investment (in my opinion). You may want to consider purchasing the 3 Little Wonders trial pack before purchasing the regular size.
  2. Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant- I have been on a search for a natural deodorant for quite some time. I love that this does not irritate my underarms and keeps me dry all day.
  3. Sephora Face Masks- I love how convenient these masks have been. They are great to travel with.
  4. Coconut Oil- I have been using coconut oil for my hair for a few years now however I just started using it to hydrate my skin. I love that it keeps me moisturized without the greasiness.
  5. Festive Socks- This is a random favorite but I have been into Christmas socks lately. I spend most evenings in cozy socks, drinking hot chocolate and watching a Christmas movie.